The Full Marathon Course is certified as a Boston qualifier. We provide Pacers from BEAST PACING for the Full and Half Marathon courses to help you meet your race goal.

From the starting line at the Events Center, where participants can warm up indoors, the race proceeds along city streets for the first 2 to 3 miles, before reaching the pedestrian bridge off Bryan Stock Trail, where the course enters the North Platte River Parkway.

The course proceeds along the parkway, and along the banks of the river, for the next several (mostly flat) miles.

The race takes a generally westward direction along the river and through the downtown area past David Street Station. The Half Marathon Turn around is in the downtown area. The full Marathon route takes you across Poplar street around our beautiful 3 Crowns Golf Course. Following the path to Paradise Valley to the 26.2 Turn around and then back to the finish at the Crossroads Park.

Links are provided below for course information.

  • Type Loop, Out & Back
  • Surface 90% Asphault / 10% Concrete
  • Elevation 5,310ft to 5,187ft


HALF MARATHON COURSE – We will be making some slight modifications to the Half Marathon route and will post the updated map as soon as it is available.