Missing last year’s race along with countless others that didn’t take place will perhaps bring more runners to this year’s Casper Marathon.  We need to put together an outstanding event for these folks who train in the rain, snow, on the track, and in the gym…some run 100-120 miles per week(elites/professionals) while beginners run over 50 miles a week!  This requires extreme discipline, maintaining a rigid training diet while trying to stay healthy and injury free.  So, I’m hopeful that we can have a solid ratio of volunteers to runners this year to help them meet their efforts and goals.  Casper Marathon is nationally certified as a Boston qualifier, so elite runners do run this race, and beginners simply need our support whether it be at an aid station or just standing at a mile marker shouting encouragement.  Everyone counts and we will not have too many volunteers…everyone will be put to work!!

Volunteers are required to attend at least one volunteer meeting before race day. We will cover the course routes, aid station requirements and important race day information. We couldn’t do any of this without you!

I want to thank EVERYONE who has signed-up and I appreciate those of you who have offered your own expertise.  There is some work leading up to race day for those of you who would like to offer more of your invaluable time.  Please register online at https://RunWyoming.itsyourrace.com/register/ and choose the position you’d like to volunteer for.

Our volunteers this year will be entered in a raffle drawing to win certificates to local businesses.