Marathon Volunteers


THANK YOU SO MUCH to our awesome volunteers that helped with the Visit Casper Marathons 2023 event.

We are hopeful that this year we can have a solid ratio of volunteers to runners again to help all achieve their efforts and personal goals.  The Casper Marathon is nationally certified as a Boston qualifier so elite runners from here and around the country participate in this race, and just like beginners everybody needs our encouragement and support at the aid stations and mile markers to help get them to that finish line. Everyone counts and we truly appreciate your valuable input and efforts for a successful event again on June 2, 2024

This year all Volunteers and Aid Station Group Captains are required to attend at least one volunteer meeting before race day. We will cover the race course routes, traffic and aid station requirements, bikers & Sweeper directions and other important race day information’s that will help with everyone’s safety and the continued success of the Casper Marathons community event.

This year again volunteers will be eligible for race swag and will also be entered in a raffle to win gift certificates to our local businesses.

All Non-profit organizations that volunteer as a group (3-5 Participants) for the Marathons Aid Stations will be eligible again this year to receive the funds from our 10K distance by being voted by our runners as a favorite aid station.